David Kaplan

davidProfessor of Philosophy

Fields of interest: Logic, Philosophy of Language, Metaphysics and Epistemology. 

Some Publications:

"Quantifying In," Synthese, XIX 1968. 
"Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice," in Approaches to Natural Language (J.Hintikka et. al., eds.), Reidel, 1973. 
"How to Russell a Frege-Church," The Journal of Philosophy, LXXII 1975. 
"Opacity," in W.V. Quine (L. Hahn, ed.) Open Court, 1986. 
"Demonstratives" and "Afterthoughts" in Themes From Kaplan (Almog, et al., eds.), Oxford 1989. 
"Words," The Aristotelian Society, Supplementary Volume, LXIV 1990 
"A Problem in Possible World Semantics," in Modality, Morality, and Belief (W. Sinnott-Armstrong et al.,eds.) Cambridge, 1995.