Sam Cumming

sam Associate Professor
PhD Rutgers, 2007

Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Mind, Semantics, Pragmatics, Literature, Film

UCLA Visual Narrative Workshop, 20-22 June 2012

Online Work:

Research Summary


Definite Reports of Indefinite Utterances, forthcoming in a volume on mental files

The Attentional Foundations of Coherence

Narrative and POV

Faithfulness and De Se (with Y. Sharvit), under construction

The Semantics of Space in Visual Narrative (with G. Greenberg and R. Kelly), under construction


The Dilemma of Indefinites, forthcoming in A. Bianchi (ed.), On Reference, Oxford: OUP (penultimate version)


Discourse Content, in A. Burgess & B. Sherman (eds.), Metasemantics: New Essays on the Foundations of Meaning, Oxford: OUP (penultimate version)

Semantics for Nominalists, in Y. Jiang and E. Lepore (eds.), Language and Value, Protosociology Vol. 31 (penultimate version)


Creatures of Darkness, Analytic Phil. 54(4): 379-400 (penultimate version)

From Coordination to Content, Phil. Imprint 13(4): 1-16

Indefinites and Intentional Identity, Phil. Studies 168(2): 371-395 (penultimate version)


Variabilism, Phil. Review 117(4): 525-554 (penultimate version)


Proper Nouns, Dissertation, Rutgers


Spring 2014
232: Abduction (with Shel Smith)

Winter 2014
127B: Convention
133: Lambda Calculus and Type Theory

Spring 2013
287: Attention and Coherence

Winter 2013
172: Information Theory and Game Theory

Fall 2012 - Winter 2014
GECLST73A: Mind Over Matter: History, Science, and Philosophy of the Brain

Spring 2012
287: Vagueness (with Ed Stabler)

Winter 2012
200B: 1st-yr Seminar

Fall 2011
127A: Intro to Semantics
170: Phenomenal Content

Spring 2011
287: A New Basis for Semantics
161: Mimesis

Winter 2010
133: Topics in Logic and Semantics
7: Intro to Philosophy of Mind

Fall 2009
287: Point of View in Narrative
172: Philosophical and Computational Approaches to Pragmatics (with Ed Stabler)